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Some Words About KindredIMAcademy

There are already so many Internet Marketing Academies out there so why KindredIMAcademy? What makes us different? Why would you want to join us? KindredIMAcademy was created with our members in mind. We offer members more than just professional internet marketing educational materials we want to share invaluable information and the opportunity to earn a passive income from home.

Sure, there are better to great academies in this crowded field, but most are way too unaffordable. Most online marketers are not making any money online.

KindredIMAcademy is affordable starting with the month long FREE membership, or just hop in at the most affordable level you are comfortable with and upgrade along the way.

KindredIMAcademy is structured into income generating platforms to ultimately benefit the members.

  • The Monthly Paid Membership Site has the FREE, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels.
  • There is the Kindred Mall for members and the public to shop and purchase products from.
  • Factored into our sites are advertising platforms for advertisers to place their advertisements.
  • There are places where affiliated products are promoted/linked to further generate income.
  • More income generating platforms will be added over time.

Our policy is that between 50—70% of all the above income generations ultimately flow back to the members. That's the difference! That's the 'why' we ventured into this. A membership site built for members including the bottomline! Read for more details in the Compensation Plan.

'KindredIMAcademy – started with our hearts, built for our membership, shared with our members.'

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Margaret Oddy


Vice President

Yew Nieng Song

Marketing CEO

Tin Huynh


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