There are 4 Kinds of Internet Marketers, Which Are You? Part 1


I posted a sneak preview on our KIMA Support Forum saying: There are 4 Kinds of Internet Marketers, Which are You?
Stef Kent immediately answered: That’s easy….I’m a complete newbie! wink emoticon.

Most people would have heard of the Pareto Principle, more popularly known as the 80-20 Rule.

Wikipedia defines it as: The Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes… It is a common rule of thumb in business; e.g., “80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients.”

We may also say this of the internet marketing niche, where it is observed that only 20% will be active vis a vis 80% who tend to be passive.

This is an expected response even in KIMA where not everybody will actively promote or be engaged learning and applying. That is why I am not surprised at the pace we are moving along. This is not a judgement call, but merely an expected scientific observation and response as encapsulated in the Pareto 80-20 Principle – so I am not disappointed at the way things are at the moment. This is to be the expected outcome when we gave the special offers of grandfathering and no need to recruit; removing the required to recruit the 3 as in the Comp Plan spillover requirement. This however is not an issue for KIMA because we love our previously connected members, and has taken this path as our first act of building up our matrix for them from more of a passive engagement positioning. We are and should be happy for each of our grandfathered members as the foundational members with KIMA. However we cannot remain in this traditional stance as the Pareto Principle already laid out for us the Principle that will only work against us; like it or not!

From 1 February 2016, we will revert to the Comp Plan as intended and thus ‘force’ all to be active at least for their own required 3. If everyone will do this, the matrix will build quicker and we can thus see faster results. The system properly set up will work. Along the way we may tweak to optimize but it is not the reason why the matrix payout hasn’t generated its potential. It is just the Pareto Principle at work. Now, I can already hear members who joined because we said that there is no need to recruit asking is this going to change. Yes, but not for you, members who got in before 1 February 2016. You are not required to recruit, but it is beneficial for you and for KIMA as a whole that all should try to be actively promoting, remembering that each new recruit from 1 February who upgrades will generate you a 100% referral commission of $50. KIMA will then also move along and the matrix filled faster and the potential of the matrix Comp Plan released.

That said, like it or not, the first kind of internet marketers we can identify is simply a natural phenomenon – the 80 percenters who tend toward passivity – the do nothing – some hope, even demand the fastest returns. It is hoped that KIMA Family members will try our best to be active, and if passive will patiently allow their one time out of pocket $55 to grow as the matrix builds along the way; and will surely grow so long as we keep growing with the 20 percenters’ input.

This constitutes the first kind of internet marketers – the passive amateurs. I started like this, always looking for a done-for-you, do nothing more program; and cheap to join but with big returns, and in the fastest time. I learn that this is not the preferred model to become a successful internet marketer.

However, you might have noticed that KIMA is structured with affordability and profitability thrown in. Can this model work? I observed that 80%, in fact more than 95% of those who engaged in internet marketing either lost money, or never made any significant amount of money at all. We all have dreams and hope that the next one will finally be the goose that will lay the golden eggs for us! KIMA has this 95% as our potential market which is huge. KIMA also lowered the costs of entry and will up the 100% referral commission financial benefits to encourage both engagement and promotion. This hopefully will flow in sync with the struggling internet marketer’s psyche of low entry and quick returns. So one can just join, once only out of own pocket costs of $55, but will instantly almost cover the costs with the first referral. Having to refer the required 3 and get paid $50 for each, hopefully will spur even passivity inclined members to share and earn more through the realization of the goal of really making some money online – $50 per upgraded member sponsored. I would say it is doable and not a poor return for sharing the blessing of KIMA. Btw, KIMA even has a loan support made available!

Let us however not be permanently relying on the 20 percenters. Together, we can all contribute and build KIMA and be mutually blessed indeed and in deed! Even if you are in this 80 percenters group, KIMA is designed for you and here we encourage one another to become the next kind of internet marketers. Watch out for the next blog on this.

Meanwhile, if you have not taken action to join KIMA, why not just grab your free membership now. To receive the full benefits of KIMA, simply upgrade. If you are currently a free member now is as good a time as any other to upgrade. Move from passivity; the 80% to the 20%.

Hope no one takes this blog content in a wrong way or with a negative spirit. We simply recognize a ‘proven’ principle of life and embrace it, to turn it instead into a double blessings; first to celebrate even passivity by instituting a handsfree system that will generate income for all participants a flow of passive income through the matrix, and second to encourage an upward path movement to greater heights into the 20% group for even more blessings by learning to become better internet marketers with the Courses and our interactions.

More to come…


Rev Abraham Yew

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4 Responses to There are 4 Kinds of Internet Marketers, Which Are You? Part 1

  1. Good job, Pastor !

    There is no disputing these facts, and it is to be hoped that our “students” take them to heart. It’s true that marketing is a huge challenge for ALL of us, and that includes the 20% with experience. BUT…..isn’t it life’s challenges that make the “daily grind” exciting, and even thrilling ??

    Want to experience a real thrill ? Try bringing in your first upgraded member ! Come on, give it a shot !! You can dooooo it !

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