The 4 Kinds of Internet Marketers – Part 2

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In my previous blog post, I mentioned the Pareto Principle, more popularly known as the 80-20 Rule, how this naturally observed phenomena spawn the first kind of internet marketers – the PASSIVE AMATEURS. That’s just the way things gravitate towards. BUT this is not a principle cast in stone. People may start here but choose not to remain in it. Thus anyone can arise and join the 20 percenters who seek to take action to receive/achieve what they want. For some, the motivation may be dire desperation or simply an awakening or re education/motivation – thus KIMA.

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Taking action however is easier said than done, and we will look at this in later posts. Taking action, as all will find this as Gospel truth, is crucial to success online or for that matter in any endeavor. Even the Bible says: “Faith without work is dead.”

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Therefore, right at the onset of any venture, one must have considered and be predisposed to take action, even massive action to get to the desired destination, irrespective of time or efforts or costs.

Start with any step, begin to take even baby steps, crawl, roll… whatever it takes – TAKE ACTION!

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The second kind of internet marketers are the action takers – but… most struggle, even fail, and lose money, hopping from one program to another seeking the end of the rainbow for that illusive pot of gold – but instead are saddled with debts, broken dreams, unfulfilled hope – giving up, or on the verge of doing so. Don’t! KIMA is here to help!

Let’s go deeper.

We must understand that the Pareto Principle still holds sway at a deeper level; embracing even within the other 20 percenters. That is, the 80-20 Rule still applies within this 20 percenters. So we see 80% naturally fall into the PASSIVE INTERNET MARKETERS kind. Now 80% of the 20 percenters; ie. 16% is the new 80 percenters within this original 20 percenters. This 16% constitutes what is commonly called the AMATEUR MARKETERS. Therefore we can classify this second group of 16% as ACTIVE AMATEURS. Their activities varies depending on their level of knowing and understanding what internet marketing entails. But although they are doing somethings, in terms of results, they might not be as desired due to a lack of knowledge and more. KIMA is designed and set up to prime our members in this knowledge acquisition plus more, as a stepping stone in the journey towards greater heights.

I cannot but emphasize again this supreme need to take necessary action in order to succeed in fulfilling your dreams.

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There are left two other kinds of internet marketers. That’s for future post(s) – where hopes are fulfilled and dreams do come true!… even more…

From the massive plains of the 80% valley, we have climbed to the middle plateaus today. Next we go to the heights, beyond the clouds, up to the peak. There we will see the grandeur and the majesty of the blessings that await.

The journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step – Lao Tzu

Take action today. Make KIMA a vehicle for your journey if you have not done so. Join free and upgrade here:

See you at the top, but begin and take action today!

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Rev Abraham Yew

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