The 4 Kinds of Internet Marketers – Part 3

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Hi Fellow Internet Marketer,

Good to have you on the Kindred Blog again. This is a very important Kindred Blog post that will begin to reveal the balance 4% of the other 2 internet marketer groupings, but before that I will lay out the purpose and philosophy behind the setting up and the goals and operations of KIMA with a Call To Action.

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In the earlier blog postings I wrote about the Pareto Principle that allows us to catch a picture of how internet marketers or for that matter, any groups, will tend to congregate in its expression. So far we see how 96% will group together consisting of the 80% PASSIVE AMATEURS and 80% 0f the balance 20%, making 16% of those who decide to take actions as ACTIVE AMATEURS. The known general statistical results of these 96% is a struggling even failed attempts in making money online.

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Anyone reading this post and is inclined to agree because you can identify with this, do comment so that others will see proof that what I am sharing is not theory but a factual experiential observation. All internet marketers go through these phases btw, so there is nothing to be ashamed of to be able to say: This is me! But we need not remain here.

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I want to say to you and all: This is WHY KIMA is created by the Kindred Team – birthed and supported to help the 96% struggling internet marketers change their fortune. We intent to make a difference! We must be M.A.D.

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The balance 4% do not need KIMA to help them earn a living! These are the PROFESSIONAL MARKETERS. BUT that does not mean the 4 percenters cannot be a part of KIMA. In fact all the successful 4 percenters; the PROFESSIONALS should adopt KIMA and help promote it freely and widely to their contacts and beyond their lists, so that the 96 percenters within and without can be helped. Afterall the 4 percenters were in the 96% once upon a time! Truth be told, all the membership/downline/lists of successful internet marketing programs have this 96% as their members struggling even though the programs may be great – at the END.

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Why not get them into KIMA at just a one time only out of your own pocket $55 and let the MATRIX SYSTEM build up a growing longterm income for both your PASSIVE and ACTIVE BUT STILL LEARNING AMATEUR members. Keep blessing your members with the benefits of your great programs but help your members glean some growing income effortlessly from KIMA as they wait for your big one!

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Just join and upgrade and learn more. Except for the PUSH FACTOR instituted, no other actions except administrative upgrading is necessary to fully benefit from KIMA insightful content and income potential. I must add that KIMA is not a get rich quick scheme and cannot guarantee anything but with the MATRIX SYSTEM filled with only ONE MATRIX build, and filled with only PAID MEMBERS, thus no holes, the Matrix earnings is a matter of how fast we all contribute to KIMA’s growth.

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Try to picture a 1X2X8 matrix where paid members coming in are filling it – Top down, left to right continually.

KIMA Comp Plan (you can review it here: is structured with a push and pull motivation through its compensation setup. On the backend KIMA Comp Plan has the PULL FACTOR using the MLM Matrix model to generate PASSIVE INCOME with the low entry cost but growing income; 3,4,5,6 even 7 figures plus a longterm PASSIVE RESIDUAL MONTHLY INCOME built into the SYSTEM. (Can you identify this PULL FACTOR?)

The PUSH FACTOR is our Forced Spillover requirement that each must recruit or buy their required 3 referrals.

This will PUSH members from passivity to activity and create a forced shift of the 80 percenters towards the 20 percenters. Afterall that should be the desired goal – to become the 4% Professionals – Champions! To help make this ‘move’ easier KIMA decided to release 100% of the $50 registration fee which should be KIMA’s income but we give it away as referral commission for each referral members bring in. The reason KIMA could do a crazy thing like this is because KIMA is not set up to be just another money making gig, although I am sure if internet marketers can see the potential of this, all will want to join quickly and be best positioned to earn; yes, even handsfree, and KIMA will then earn later on.

How can it be handsfree if one is required to recruit 3? Recognizing that not everyone can recruit, KIMA offers members to be able to buy their required 3 as their own referrals and even earn from them! How cool is that! You buy the referrals at $60 each (subject to availability) but earns back $50 as referral commission! Hope you can see the civic approach that is in KIMA’s DNA and joining us as our Kindred Family, you too will adopt a similar disposition.

As if this is not sacrificial enough; Kindred Team works with no pay even up to now, and advances funding to create and maintain Kindred. KIMA now provides a limited ‘loan’ funding for people who really are in need to help pay their entry $55. This is our PIF (Pay It Forward) effort. Members of course can easily do it for their own recruits. How? You can pay it forward the $55 for your recruit. Remember $50 immediately comes back to you as the 100% referral commission! – and KIMA allows you to immediately withdraw it. You can even just simply do an eWallet transfer to pay it forward if you have enough funds in it. I mean, KIMA really goes out of its way to embrace the 96%.

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We in Kindred invites you, both the 96 percenters AMATEURS as well as the 4 percenters PROFESSIONALS to join us and be part of this civic movement and make a real, even life changing, difference in many lives!

For you reading this, if you have not yet joined: Click here and sign up and upgrade immediately:

If you are already a member of KIMA, we know what we ought to be about doing! Go for it in Kindred Spirit! Let’s do this! Go! Go! Go!

This post is getting long, so I will dwell in details on the 2 kinds of Professional internet marketers in the next post. Share this and watch out for Kindred Blog!!!

Kindred loves you

Rev Abraham Yew
Kindred Team

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  1. I love you blogs, they are very inspiring! Much needed!

    • Kindred says:

      Thank you Darlene! Just sharing some things I am learning. Hopefully they are received as valuable and not junk content. Haha!

  2. Todd says:

    Yes these blogs are very inspiring.

  3. Paudie says:

    Very informative and a bright look into Internet Marketing.
    Keep up the great work.

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