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Dear Reader,

Welcome to our Kindred Blog where we share and learn together how to make money online. Check out for our regular informative valuable lessons. tips and golden nuggets – beyond internet marketing sometimes. Ha! there are definitely more to life than making money!

We are here to impact lives together. We care, thus we share about things we believe will be beneficial and helpful. If there be anything we differ, we do so respectfully, holding on to the cardinal right of everyone to have his/her own views. We subscribe to failure as part of the process or journey. Therefore, we will dare to scale the highest peaks in spite of the perceived, even real risks. We welcome all to join us in our adventure, beginning here in the internet sphere.

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Who are we? A group of civic minded online entrepreneurs who want to help newbies and struggling online internet marketers make some quick doable income generation even as they look towards scaling them up later with more sophisticated programs. Members are the reason we are doing this.

Writing this welcome message and introducing us: I am Rev Abraham Yew, a member of the KindredIMAcademy aka KIMA Team. We are internet marketers from various parts of the world; USA, Canada, India, Singapore and Malaysia.

The Company; Kindred Enterprise LLC, was incorporated in the USA to facilitate currently two foci – Physical and digital products.

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You may check out the details here: and sign up for our free gifts of 31 curated videos on internet marketing and a free membership to our Internet Marketing Academy for more goodies!

Here is an example:

1st Product: KINDRED MALL

Kindred Mall is where we currently promote a premium MUST HAVE health protection product we call Kindred Anti Radiation Protection (KARP) to protect us from harmful electro-magnetic radiation which is an unseen danger that adversely affects our brain.

This is not about a business – making a sale. This is about YOUR well being.


PLEASE WATCH THIS before it is blocked or removed by people who do not want this leaked!

For more product info Click this link:

2nd Product:

KindredIMAcademy aka KIMA is where 8 Levels Courses primer lessons are offered to paid members who earn learning about internet marketing. Our Matrix Comp Plan is designed for our members to make money quickly as they apply the lessons from go. We emphasize that to succeed online we must take massive action and not suffer paralysis by analysis.

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So to begin, we payout 100% of the $50 registration fee as referral commission to our members who sponsor each upgraded new member. One could easily generate a nice income just promoting this. Imagine 3 a day, or 100 a month: This could convert nicely into a monthly income: 100X$50=$5000.

This is so easy to do because it is so cheap and affordable and everyone can get their cost back with just their first recruit. Interested? BTW. This $55 is the only one time out of your own pocket expenses per the KIMA Comp Plan. All other costs are from your subsequent earnings. How cool is that! Oh, the Comp Plan has a 7 figure earning potential built in! and more! The ending is better than the beginning!

Sign up as a free member and upgrade by paying just $55 and start earning back $50 for each recruit you sign up. Yes, we design this for members benefits, both learning and earning, providing hands on support for you.

Again, we welcome you.

Join and upgrade here:

Watch out for more by visiting our Kindred Blog often.

Be Blessed.

Rev Abraham Yew
On Behalf of the Kindred Team
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2 Responses to Kindred Blog Where You Learn About and Make Money Online With Us Easily

  1. Flo says:

    Pastor Yew, I love it. The information is so easy to understand. For NEW marketers like me, where would you suggest, other than facebook or other social media, which Marketing Sites would you suggest using in order to bring in new members?

    Flo Moutsatson

    • Kindred says:

      Hi Flo, Thank you. I will be sharing the proper way to internet marketing, but for now the best is actually by word of mouth, sharing with your email contacts. Share on Periscope if you are into videos. I just posted on the use of the new KIMA Introduction Video in the KIMA Support Forum. My own experience of advertising in Safelists and Traffic Exchanges is they are mostly ineffective. The ROI on the time and money spent is not worth it. So I would not recommend them to you. Joining Forums can be effective but needs some working knowledge and cost. I will be giving out a more advance training link of a program I am learning from. This will help set us into the right path for internet marketing. Then proper marketing like PPC can be engaged for effective sign up and ROI. Ps Yew

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