The 4 Kinds of Internet Marketers – Final Part

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It is nice to have you following Kindred Blog. Hope the content posted has been beneficial. Today I will conclude the segment on ‘The 4 Kinds of Internet Marketers’. I believe that knowing ourselves and where we are can help us in our endeavor to become a successful internet marketer.

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Here are some golden nuggets quotations gleaned from the many hours of webinars I attended:

It is said: “In business there is no arriving but an evolving.”
It is also said: “Start with the lowest hanging fruit”
But we must adopt a mindset switched on to GAMES ON! and take action.

Aspiring internet marketers must be aware that there are always risks involved for “Entrepreneurs are constantly walking on water.” That’s why we need the support of a non threatening and low risk yet empowering community like KIMA which offers not only a learning platform but one that also earns you income as you interact with each other and apply what is learned.

Whatever happens, first “decide what’s right for you before you decide what’s possible. It’s all about the power from within. Change your mind. Change your emotions. Change your process. Change your future.”

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In the earlier posts, we noted the invasive hold that the Pareto Principle aka as the 80-20 Rule has over us. We saw that naturally 80% of any grouping generally will tend towards passivity. We applied this observation to the internet marketing niche and call this 80 percenters as PASSIVE AMATEURS whose tendency is to just join and hope to achieve their dreams doing little to nothing – if possible – no need even to spend any money! FREE and EASY are the operational words. We also see that this is not a bad thing for aspiring internet marketers – there is a ready potential market consisting of this 80 percenters who will buy in to your FREE and EASY programs and make you rich! – if you can find a way to reach them and monetize, and some may share in the blessings generated.

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We saw that within the 20 percenters there is applied also the Pareto Principle and 80% of this 20 percenters, ie. 16%, although they have started to take some actions are still mostly lost as to what to do; not making any money, in fact losing more as they take the risks to join a lot of programs, caught up in the shinny objects offered out there. We refer to these as AMATEUR MARKETERS. Thus we find statistically that 96% of people engaged online will fail to make any real money online. It’s time to find help. Here comes the PROFESSIONAL MARKETERS!

Help? HELP! Many have paid thousands to attend gala live seminars or enrolled in expensive coaching programs but still few really made it to the PROFESSIONAL league. This third kind of internet marketers however did not arrive here without their own struggles, even failures along the way. Each will have their own stories – before they were the Professionals they were PASSIVE AMATEURS who decided to take action becoming ACTIVE AMATEURS; but without proper knowledge and help remain quag mired. If you are in this position, don’t give up! Find a reputable mentor and stick to his program to learn the finer tricks of the trade. I must admit that KIMA is more of a primer academy that newbies and growing internet marketers can join without the pressure to perform. Yet built into KIMA is a PUSH FACTOR and a PULL FACTOR we saw in the earlier post where members are given a nudge towards becoming a PROFESSIONAL MARKETER. Whether one finally becomes one it is still a beneficial endeavor. Some may ask; why is it that many who do try never seems to make it? This is the subject for later posts, suffice to say now that it has to do with what is really inside – the hidden part of the iceberg that sank Titanic.


Finally, there is also the 20% of the PROFESSIONAL MARKETERS ie. 4 percenters who excels as the SUPER AFFILIATE/ MARKETERS. Being trained and mentored by the PROFESSIONAL MARKETERS is great, but to be under tutelage of a SUPER AFFILIATE/MARKETER breaks all barriers where the dreams are easily realized.

KIMA offers newbies, passive and active marketers together with the professional marketers a platform to gather and bless and be blessed and grow in the company of the like minded. KIMA will also point the way to others who are the Professionals and Super Affiliate Marketers and enable KIMA members to go further and earn more beyond KIMA.

So here are the 4 Kinds of Internet Marketers:

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Closing quotes:

“Life is as good as you make up your mind for it to be for you.”

“Become the best you can be to be able to give back.”

Rev Abraham Yew

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