Internet Marketing Notes from HTA Project Breakthrough Day 1


19 people signed up free in my first day I promoted the High Traffic Academy Project Breakthrough. 7 were from KIMA. Awesome! I continue to encourage everyone to sign up free.

Here are my notes from the Day 1 lesson for your review. This is great teaching. I am going through Day 3 now.

Here’s my Day 1 notes: ( Best if you sign up and go through the video lessons yourself. Use this as your reference/cheatsheet: Click Here )


Foundation & Blueprint: How to Build an Online Business.
Be a 10X Thinker, No Plan B.
Today’s Outcome:
1. Understand how to build an effective online business.
2. Identify your financial goals/targets
3. What you’re willing to give in return for its attainment
4. Mental readiness. Winning state of mind.

There is a process to everything: Blueprint & Strategy
1. Vision (What?)
2. Blueprint (How?)
3. Tools/materials (With What?)
4. Strategies (With Whom?) – super important
5. Take ACTION

PATTERN for SuccessMoving from Point A to Point B:
1. Know where you are
2. Know where you want to go
3. Strategy (quickest way to get there)
4. Vehicle to get you there
5. Take ACTION


Building a Business: Step by Step
1. Know where you are now
2. Identify your destination clearly (have specific target)
3. Identify quickest strategy to get there (buy existing biz? start a new biz from scratch? find somebody who has a winning biz model and leverage it?)
4. Find the Product
5. Find the System/Recipe you know will drive activity
6. TARGETED Traffic to people who need it
7. Scale, Leverage, Automate
Project Breakthrough opens up 27 income streams without you selling.
Learn how to create a recession proof income stream with Project Breakthrough


The Airplane Metaphor: Here’s How to Fly Your Business!
1. Know where you are
2. Know where you are going
3. Get on runway and full throttle but BRAKES still ON!
4. Go past the ‘point of no return’
Have the Mindset that you will not fail
The only person who can fail you is you because you did not follow exact instructions
6. Expect turbulence. Don’t turn back at points of turbulence. Break through clouds, rise above turbulence zone, keep going, learn right ascent and maintain momentum, don’t lose momentum, then pick up speed gradually – keep flying!


1. Innermost circle: WHY
2. Middle circle: HOW
3. Outer circle: WHAT
Two WHYS –
1. the surface WHY – Money for Financial Freedom for family need
2. the inner core WHY – Identify what your real core ‘WHY’ is

Go Beyond Decision to ResolutionThis is it!
Today’s Assignment:
‘My Personal Breakthrough Goals’
1. Follow your assignments as if your life depends on it
2. Make a public commitment
3. Put yourself in a WINNING STATE OF MIND.
No Plan B. No ‘IFs’ or ‘BUTs’. Go Full Out.
Success is 80% mental.
14 Days – ALL IN!
Your Success is closer than you think!
Just Do It!

OK. That’s Day 1 notes. Again, I encourage you if you are serious about wanting to make real money online, sign up now

So what is internet marketing?
If you are not in KIMA yet, check it out here in simple language.

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To your success,

Rev Abraham Yew

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