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Hi KIMA Family,

KIMA is an internet marketers’ educational membership site that is friendly to our members in many ways. Here are our 10 Commandments, eh, no, 10 Benefits – Smart Passive Income generation program.


1. There is NO need for a Credit Card to join. We have an easy join FREE for anyone to come in and explore.
2. Even FREE members have the great benefits of 31 curated youtube videos to daily educate on internet marketing. This is enough for a month!
3. From the member’s backoffice, you can access the 220 Success Principles. You can use this daily too and impact your life greatly as you read and assimilate what is appended therein. This is enough for a year! with weekend rest.


4. The entry cost to upgrade to become a paid member so that you can start earning both immediately and long term is very affordable.
5. There is the $50 registration fee paid to Kindred. Then you start off with the Level 1 Course 1 with a one time only out of pocket $5. Total = $55. Is that affordable?


6. Wait! If your upline is willing to do a pay it forward for you, the end result for him/her is a mere $0 net. Why? Kindred pays out the $50 as referral commission to your upline! And your upline earns back the whole $5! So anyone can do a Pay It Forward for their downline; effectively paying ultimately only $0 per person. Therefore KIMA is super affordable! I know this sounds crazy!
7. Members of course should pay their own way in so that the system can be funded with cash flow. However if you really cannot afford to pay to upgrade and if your upline is also unable to Pay It Forward for you, KIMA has a Pay It Forward ‘Loan’ available to help you if we have the funds which is limited fyi.



8. The Courses are pre set to prime newbies and online marketers to educate on internet marketing. They are beneficial Courses and we all should keep learning.
9. The Comp Plan is pre set to benefit members, made easy by KIMA managing the first 3 Levels for you. Note: because of this you might not be aware that you have already earned in the matrix. When you refer your required 3, you already have people earning you income, and when your downline do the same, the tap will flow. Remember the matrix is dependent on how fast the whole matrix grows. Individually, the effect will be noticeable after your third level is filled.
Watch Comp Plan Video

10. Kindred Anti Radiation Protection aka KARP is a much needed health protector from mobile radiation due to mobile being an apparatus we all use and depend on nowadays. Members can buy this at steep discount; currently at 70% for upgraded members.


KIMA Team hopes that every KIMA member will take what is planned for members’ best benefits and promote them continually. In this way the momentum will keep KIMA and you blessed.

To your success,
Rev Abraham Yew

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